About AOT

Core Value

The core value of AOT is based on “Integrity”, “Innovation”, “Accountability” and “Enthusiasm”
which is also the values ​​and work attitude that every AOT colleague needs to possess.


Be honest and let your customers trust you.

Choose to do the right thing and take the right path. “Integrity” is the foundation for AOT, doing the right things, and sticking to it. Only with “integrity” can we win the trust of customers, gain trust, and strive for more opportunities!.


Flexible mind and changing strategy

Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship are the three creative spirits that we attach importance to. In the era of continuous reform, we should continue to innovate, be flexible, understand the strategy of change to improve ourselves.


Take responsibility and don't give up

Be a “Accountability” who dares to take responsibility, work seriously and take liability, committing to high performance and high execution.


Enthusiasm is the motivation to take responsibility

As a member of AOT, we are not only passionate about our work but also customers and all the affairs of the company. We are convinced that with enthusiasm and staunch ideas, shall not afraid of the challenge of problems, that is also the motivation to take responsibility.

Operating Mission

01 Deeply cultivate the relationship with the customers of backlight products and go global.
02 Develop lighting application products and increase penetration.
03 Continue to develop new technologies and new applications.
04 Integrate client applications and develop the most suitable supply chain.
05 Develop new processes to improve production efficiency.
06 Activate the management platform to improve operating efficiency.

Operating Vision

01 Develop company strategy and light up upstream and downstream industries.
02 Strengthen product delivery speed and quality.
03 Deepen strategic partnership and create a win-win-win situation.
04 Create added customer value with engineering services and efficiency.