Corporate Social Responsibility


To sustainably promote the development of Advanced Optoelectronic Technology, Inc., partnerships with manufacturers in the supply chain are required. All partners must also comply with the social responsibilities of the supply chain, including green environmental protection, labor human rights and code of ethics, health and safety, risk management and moral principles, banning minerals in conflict zones, etc.

Main concerned issues

  • Supplier ESG Management
  • Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Maintain close contact with suppliers, conduct CRS inventory management at all times. To respond to the trend of the times, actively save energy and reduce carbon, provide customers with products that reduce carbon emissions, and jointly establish a sustainable supply chain.

Advanced Optoelectronic Technology, Inc. (AOT) supplier management policy

AOT has always regarded suppliers as important partners of the company’s operations. To promote corporate social culture, it considers the involvement of the overall supply chain. Besides quality and delivery, strive to urge the supply chain to value human rights, protect the environment, safety and health, and strengthen supplier ESG(Environmental, social and governance)management.

All suppliers: obtaining a valid factory registration certificate issued by a local government, according to the business category which complies with the requirements of the EICC regulations for the evaluation/audit/management of the supply chain.

Key parts supplier:
1.must pass ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management certification.

2.RoHS prohibits and restricts the use of hazardous substances and REACH Substances of Very High Concern(SVHC), is 100% compliance with the specification.

Supplier CSR risk management

AOT is formulated in the procurement contract based on EICC version 5.1 (Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct).

The new supply chain needs to pass the supplier evaluation and sign before cooperation, and promise to comply with EICC requirements. For Assessing high-risk suppliers to take audit controls, also supervising and improving the actual and potential significant deficiencies.

Supplier quality management

For key material quality management, the new suppliers are evaluated based on quality, cost, delivery time, technical capabilities, etc. to select the right supplier to cooperate with.

For the current key material suppliers will be evaluated based on the delivery defect rate, service quality, and purchase delivery time. If the standards are not met, assistance will be provided in the guidance.

If there is still no effective improvement, will be removed from the list of qualified suppliers.

The comprehensive management method of supplier is controlled and coached in the following three aspects:
1.Supplier management
Regarding key materials, regular quality meetings are held with suppliers to review related issues and continue to improve, in order to enhance the quality to meet the needs.

2.Supplier management system verification
Visting important suppliers as scheduled and conducting on-site audits on an annual basis. Once deficiencies are found, the supplier is required to propose appropriate improvement plans to meet Advanced Optoelectronic Technology, Inc.’s expectations.

3.For key materials, monthly evaluation based on the defective rate of delivery, service quality, purchase and delivery time, and provide the evaluation results to suppliers to urge them to improve.

Procurement risk diversification

Lack of material risk management

Coordinate the preparation mechanism with the supplier and establish safety stocks according to the length of the material preparation time, to ensure a smooth supply chain.

To avoid the risk of shortage of materials or a single supplier situation, according to the product development material evaluation mechanism, more than two qualified suppliers will be selected; in the case of a single supplier, new suppliers are developed according to product needs.

through the selection and evaluation, new qualified suppliers are selected to ensure that the supply is sufficient.

Local purchase

AOT production bases are concentrated in Taiwan and China. The supply chain is mainly consists of suppliers and related contractors of machine equipment, key components such as LED, printed circuit boards, electronic materials, lighting modules

Communication channels and response methods

Material procurement: Ms.Chang
Telephone:03-5976988 extension16876