Corporate Social Responsibility

AOT ESH Policy

ESH Management

To incorporate the environmental safety and health system into the business management system to achieve the goal of zero disasters and zero occupational diseases. Through energy conservation, waste reduction, and resource management, to achieve the goal of sustainable development of the enterprise

Environmental safety andhealth management system

In 2011, the company integrated ISO14001, TOSHMS, OHSAS18001 systems into the environmental safety and health management system, and passed the verification in May 2012, through PDCA continuous improvement.

Greenhouse Gas


The company started operations in 2009, to meet the customer requirements, and obtained the ISO 14064 certificate in May 2012.


The company puts greenhouse gas reduction as the first priority, and gradually promotes greenhouse gas reduction through resource management, and fulfill the obligations of the citizens of the earth.

Corporate SocialResponsibility

To create a safe, hygienic and healthy working environment, and actively promote the effectiveness of environmental and economic safety and health management, including energy saving, carbon reduction, and greenhouse gas volume. We will fulfill our social responsibility as our vision and achieve the goal of sustainable business.